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Halloween cupcake baking

Halloween Baking

Who says halloween costumes are just for kids? Dressing up cakes is just as fun. I’ve been decorating my baking creations in a Halloween theme just in time for this year’s spooky night! From spider webs to pumpkin cakes, there are so many opportunities for fun and creative icing ideas. Here’s a peeky-boo of what I’ve made. Pumpkin cupcakes are…

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Human in Dublin

There are usually only two reasons I would travel to Dublin. One being for the airport and the other to attend a concert. While the first is an exciting prospect, the latter was the reason for my trip to the capital last week. I love attending music events. In the past I’ve seen Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheehan and Taylor Swift…

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The Blog Awards

The Awards appear to be back. And they will probably continue to circulate in a terrifying infinite loop of doom. As these are my first nominations in over a year I’m childishly excited about them ^_^  It feels great to be thought of when other bloggers have to nominate other blogs. There is a million other blogs in the blogosphere…

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To blog or not to blog

That is the question!So it has been a shamefully long time since I have sat down and actually wrote a whole post and then posted it. I’ve been meaning to. Honest! But then a week passed since I was supposed to post the October Wrap up and now it seems like opportunity has slipped away. So I am now typing…

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Ada Lovelace Day

I just wanted to say a very Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Today ( October 14th ) is the day for celebrating all women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It wasn’t long ago when these careers were thought of as male professions. Ada Lovelace Day is all about showing how women are just as successful in these areas. So who…

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September Wrap Up ( and Liebster)

Hello October, didn’t see you coming there. Yesterday the sun was shining and now all of a sudden the wind is howling and leaves of red hues are blowing about and crackling under my shoes. I love autumn and its amazing colours. In fact I love all seasons really.  I am very enthusiastic about the seasons and festivities that go…

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Meet my cat family

Meet the Cat Family

Daisy D.O.B:  March 2007 Nickname:  The Queen Bee. Mother’s Name: Sindey Favourite Food: Cheese Favourite Person in the world: Me Fear: Bees (She’s absolutely petrified of them) Worst Habit: Climbing in my window. Personality in 3 words: Stubborn, Manipulative, Self-centred. Mona D.O.B:  June 2009 Nickname: Moaning Myrtle Mother’s Name: Daisy Favourite Food: Ham Favourite Person in the World: My sister Fear: My…

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sligo is one of my favourite places

My Five Favourite Places in the World

 My Tree House I know that to other people my tree house doesn’t look like much but to me it is the most magical place on Earth. At the side of my house we have a hedge row of palm trees and when I was five my dad cut one of the trees out, revealing this little space. At the…

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The City of Lights Paris image of a bike

The City of Lights

I have this list. A Bucket list. And number one on this very long list is to visit every country in the world. A task that seems quite impossible but at the same time very alluring. And let me tell you there is a LOT of countries on this planet. So I thought I my as well start my journey…

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