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Books : 2017

My name is Marian and I am a bookaholic. It’s gotten bad. I think my bookcase is suffering from a nervous breakdown. All my tbr books are piled on my bookcase ( there is actually no room in my bookcase ). So I decided to reorganise and take some pretty pictures of the books I (mostly) own and that I…

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Books to be read

June: Book Reviews

I know I’ve titled this blog post “June Book Reviews” but really I should call it “JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune Book Reviews”. Yes – That does mean I’ve only read 5 books in 5 months. Wow. A book per month. Marian – what on earth is wrong with you?! Out of the 5 books my favourite was Asking For It. I started following…

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Stacking The Shelves

Over the years, I’ve managed to acquire quite a large “to be read” list.  Right now it is probably nearing 8 stories tall. It’s my tower of magnificent, beautiful, wonderful books. You see I’m planning to build a castle. Yes a castle of books. And then live in it. And I want a dragon too. Outside she will guard my…

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You Got Mail

Just before Christmas last year, I won two giveaways…. on the same day. How lucky is that? I mean, I never win stuff. Never. And then all of a sudden – bam! So, yeah, that made ecstatically happy. The first one was from the lovely Michelle at Tales of Yesterday ( click HERE ). Through her twitter giveaway I won…

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2015 Reading Pile

To Be Read List: 1. ~ Wicked } because I just LOVE the musical.2. ~  Poison Garden } birthday gift, looks interesting.3. ~ Gone Girl } major movie. Not sure….?4. ~ The Knife of Never Letting Go } Cannot wait5. ~ She is not Invisible } Again cannot wait6. ~ Catch 22 } read a very good review a few…

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My Christmas Wish List

1. Ukulele – It’s just such a cool instrument. It sounds fantastic and is really easy to carry around. I love to learn new instruments so this is next on my list.   2. Candles – I have a recent obsession with candles. I like to have them burning when I’m studying, reading or even blogging. ( yes there is…

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