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Forget the number delorentos art journal

Forget The Numbers

Eight. That is my favourite number. I call it my lucky number. Although I don’t know what’s very lucky about it. Perhaps because when rotated 90 degrees it turns into an infinity sign. Or maybe it’s the octave of a piano that makes this number somehow more meaningful to me than the rest. Regardless, there’s nothing that special about the…

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The Eighth Amendment : To Repeal Or Not To Repeal

In every town, at every corner, on every street – Propaganda posters are telling you to Vote Yes or Vote No. There is no getting away from the 8th Amendment. It has haunted this country for 35 years and on Friday May 25th, the citizens of Ireland will vote to repeal it or keep the 8th amendment in the Irish…

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female role models to inspire women

Female Role Models

Last Wednesday was International Women’s day. Women, Men and Children marched on the streets all over the world. It was a day where many women striked in protest to the economic inequality, prejudice and insecurity faced by women in the workplace. In Ireland there was also a focus on striking to repeal the 8th ( if you want to know…

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