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Time Capsule

I Made A Time Capsule And Found Buried Treasure

History has always been a subject that fascinates me. Some of my long time favourite historic events include the volcanic eruption in Pompeii, the sinking of the Titanic and Anne Frank’s Diary. ( There seems to be a common pattern of death here but lets not dwell too much on that ).Today, we are living through a historic event as…

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Booze and Peppermint

Call me dry and stick me in a nunnery for what I am about to say. I do not think drinking is all it’s cracked up to be. For the most part, alcoholic drinks taste like shit. The hangover bloody sucks. And blacking out is scary as hell. Why people live for nights out and brag about how drunk they…

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Forget the number delorentos art journal

Forget The Numbers

Eight. That is my favourite number. I call it my lucky number. Although I don’t know what’s very lucky about it. Perhaps because when rotated 90 degrees it turns into an infinity sign. Or maybe it’s the octave of a piano that makes this number somehow more meaningful to me than the rest. Regardless, there’s nothing that special about the…

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The Eighth Amendment : To Repeal Or Not To Repeal

In every town, at every corner, on every street – Propaganda posters are telling you to Vote Yes or Vote No. There is no getting away from the 8th Amendment. It has haunted this country for 35 years and on Friday May 25th, the citizens of Ireland will vote to repeal it or keep the 8th amendment in the Irish…

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Living Without A Mental Illness

“Mental Illness” is a term I hear almost every day. Whether it be on twitter, a blog post or even coming up in conversation with my friends. I straight a way think of depression and anxiety but of course this umbrella term covers a whole range of things that plague the world. It is everywhere. And it has always been…

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An Existential Crisis

It crept up on me like the way summer turns to winter. Slowly overtime and then all of a sudden. Except it was more like a growing bacteria or fungi, something you wish wasn’t happening and often don’t even know that it is happening until it’s too late. Gradually, I began to feel lost. I was floating and not in…

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I Have A Voice, I Will Be Heard

“You’re so quiet”  “You’re so shy!”  “Can you just say something?”  “Is something wrong?Are you alright?” I heard these countless times. While you may think being called shy or quiet is a good thing. Perhaps even a compliment. To me it was as if someone was telling me how ugly I am, how fat I am. You’re so quiet. You’re…

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Blogging Struggles

Everyone wants their blog to be a success. Perhaps you’re not interested in the amount of followers you have or the page views on your latest post but I’m almost certain that you don’t blog with the intention of nobody reading it. If that were the case then you should have bought a diary and not a domain. But success…

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How To Make Your Perfect Bucket List

What is a Bucket List? To me, a bucket list is something everyone should have. It is either a physical or virtual list of things a person wants to do before they die. Or according to google: I wrote my first Bucket List when I was about 15. Perhaps I was a bit young to be thinking about death. Or…

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female role models to inspire women

Female Role Models

Last Wednesday was International Women’s day. Women, Men and Children marched on the streets all over the world. It was a day where many women striked in protest to the economic inequality, prejudice and insecurity faced by women in the workplace. In Ireland there was also a focus on striking to repeal the 8th ( if you want to know…

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