Dia duit! Welcome to my blog. I’m Marian, a 20-something year old cake enthusiast, pillow fort builder and wannabe wizard, living in the muggle world. My blog started as a space to discuss books and eat cake ( or to discuss cake and eat books, depending on my mood). It has gone through many changes and no longer sticks to any one niche.

I grew up in the countryside of the south of Ireland, acquiring a love for reading from an early age. Taking inspiration from Jo March, I aspired to be a writer and one day publish my own book. Majority of my best-sellers have yet to make the journey from mind to paper, but I’m still hopeful. Surrounded by grass fields and tall forests stemmed a love of nature in me and now 50% of my photos are of silhouetted trees against the setting sun. (The other 50% are of my cat). As a child I wished for a secret garden just like Mary Lennox’s and a tree house as perfect as the one in the Bridge to Terabithia. My imagination had no limits.

Now as an adult (*I’m a what?*), I have a degree in computer science and a castle of books built from my TBR pile. I turned my bed into a pillow fort which doubles as the perfect book nook. I’m a proud feminist and have a strong interest in women’s rights. I bake cakes and drink tea as part of my stable diet. I’m a sucker for cheesy quotes and quirky trinkets. Alas, I’m still awaiting my Hogwarts letter.

Always, M