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I Made A Time Capsule And Found Buried Treasure

History has always been a subject that fascinates me. Some of my long time favourite historic events include the volcanic eruption in Pompeii, the sinking of the Titanic and Anne Frank’s Diary. ( There seems to be a common pattern of death here but lets not dwell too much on that ).Today, we are living through a historic event as Covid19 spreads throughout the world. It might not seem it while we stay at home doing normal everyday chores but in shops, the disposable gloves and masked people with the background soundtrack of a voice reminding us to stay two metres apart, are still new and eerie details of this pandemic crisis. To capture this moment in time in a personal manner, my sister and I decided to create a time capsule to be opened in 2030. I hope that in ten years, we are long passed the coronavirus and that life is good.

How I Made A Time Capsule

I have made many time capsules in the past. I’m not sure if it’s the buried treasure aspect that I love, or the ability to capture a moment in time. I used to create a map for every time capsule. I would hide my detailed Jack-Sparrow-esque map in a secret jewellery box or in the frame of my bed. Unfortunately I have no patience and have dug up every single treasure. I was not like that Kardashian child who understand the meaning of the word patience. Hopefully this time I have the wisdom that comes with age to be able to last ten years. (“wisdom”, *scoffs*)

My sister and I gathered things to put into our time capsule. We tried to find little trinkets and important personal things that our future selves would find interesting and nostalgic. I don’t want to give away exactly what we put in because that would take the fun out of digging it up in ten years time. Time capsules work so much better when enough time has passed to forget its contents. ( Take note, Marian ). We did write a letter to our future selves. I tried to describe what I think 33 year old me will be like. Time will tell how accurate my fortune telling is. I won’t go join the white witch just yet.

We wrapped our treasure in resealable plastic bags and placed them in a biscuit tin. To keep up our tradition, we found the same spot as my childhood map described. It’s in the corner of my treehouse and a little bit overgrown now that we aren’t spending every waking minute playing there. I was digging the hole when suddenly the shovel hit something hard.

We Found Buried Treasure

With some more digging, we soon had removed the object buried in the earth and found that it was my sister’s old time capsule. (see, I told you we have a capsule problem). She has no recollection of burying it. When we took it out, we soon realised it was full of water. Who knows how long that has been there in the earth all those years. It reminded me of that scene at the beginning of the titanic film. When they open the safe salvaged from wreckage. All the mud and decay that flows out. Almost everything from her time capsule was destroyed except a mirror. Claire’s accessories if you must know.

After seeing what can happen with natural decay and weather, we went back to the drawing board. Our time capsule is to be buried for ten years. That’s a lot of rain and water damage. So we decided we needed a few layers of barrier to prevent such loss. We taped up the opening of the tin with plastic tape and put it in two plastic bags followed by a string fertiliser bag. (thanks Dad). And just to be sure, I added another layer of tape. Ain’t nothing getting through this bad boy!

I am very much looking forward to 2030 but for that only reason. Imaging myself at 33 is almost unthinkable. I wonder who will I be then. What will I achieved? Where will life have brought me? Will the coronavirus finally have been cured?

Always, M

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