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There are usually only two reasons I would travel to Dublin. One being for the airport and the other to attend a concert. While the first is an exciting prospect, the latter was the reason for my trip to the capital last week. I love attending music events. In the past I’ve seen Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheehan and Taylor Swift live and also have attended local music festivals like Indiependence. Smaller, more intimate gigs have something much more special though. My favourite gig to date was Delorentos in Limerick. They are definitely one of my favourite bands. Concerts are way more special when the artists and their music mean something to you. I had been longing to see Dodie for ages, and maybe even more so, Orla Gartland.

Dodie Human Tour stage

Who is Dodie?

Dorothy Clark, better known as Dodie is a singer, song-writer and YouTuber. I had the pleasure of discovering her music through her youtube friends Hannah Witton and Melanie Murphy. It’s funny when all your favourite YouTubers and Artists turn out to be friends in real life. The first song I heard was “Would You Be So Kind?”, which is an adorably happy song about a girl asking a boy to love her. Very Notting Hill. In ways it reflected what was going on in my own life at the time. Since then, I fell in love with Dodie’s music and her wonderful personality. Her songs seem to just get real human feelings. Even today, there’s a song to fit in with my life:

I originally was supposed to attend this gig with my boyfriend. However things change and as per that song “One For The Road”, maybe it’s for the better. So I got to share this incredible gig with my even more incredible friend. Dodie has a soft and sweet voice with beautiful instruments like the cello and violin showing off her music. To be fair, most of Dodie’s song are depressing and I can see why her fans would be mainly outcast teenage girls. I’m not sure what that says about me but regardless of those screaming sixteen year olds in Vicar Street, I still love Dodie’s music. Who cares whether you listen to old man’s country or teen angst Indie? Listen to the music that makes YOU happy. Listen to the songs that give you meaning. Don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd.

Dodie playing human tour in dublin

Who is Orla Gartland?

Honestly I think Orla Gartland is possibly one of the finest Artists to come from Ireland. She is a deadly woman with a mad skill for writing songs. She has a range of EPs released on Spotify like “Between my Teeth” and “Why Am I Like This?”, that seem to get me on a level that I can’t even get myself. Not only are her fully performed tunes a blast to listen to but her own youtube channel features some brilliant pieces too. I think my favourite is “Imposter” and god I just wish she would release it on Spotify! Speaking of songs being released – this Friday April 5th is when Orla’s Flatline will be available ( *eep* ). So you could say I am a maSSIVe fan of hers. I’d like to think if this was real life ( ?? ) we’d be friends. But who am I kidding – she’s way too cool. Instead I’ll just pop on my headphones and yell at ye all to give this artist the love she deserves.

Orla Gartland in dublin at dodie's human tour

The following day, us (oh so punny) humans strolled around Dublin seeking out charity shops and thrift stores. Second hand shops are like little hideouts of a forgotten land. You never know what you’ll find in them. The history and stories to an item is all part of the fun. I feel like Nancy Drew solving a mystery. I love the randomness and obscurity of these places – it’s enthralling!

Any Dodie or Orla Gartland fans out there? Also Kawala fans (they were the second support act that I am too lazy to talk about but regardless you should also listen to their music – I’ve actually been repeatedly listening to “Runaway” all day. You are welcome)
Who are your favourite artists and have you ever seen them live?

Always, M

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