Ada Lovelace Day

I just wanted to say a very Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Today ( October 14th ) is the day for celebrating all women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It wasn’t long ago when these careers were thought of as male professions. Ada Lovelace Day is all about showing how women are just as successful in these areas.

So who is Ada?

Ada was an English woman born in 1815 who had a strong interest in science and logic. When she translated an article on the engine she wrote her own elaborate set of notes which essentially was an algorithm for a machine. Therefore she is said to be the first computer programmer.
As I am studying computer science I obviously take a special interest in this. She’s just so cool. I feel like Blair Waldorf now, all for powerful women etc. There’s just so many inspiring women out there. Behind Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, I bet that you’ll find that there are quite a few successful and unheard of women. Just to name a few; Heather Payne, Sarah Kunst, Tracy Chou (heard of pinterest? yeah), Libby Leffler and the woman herself Suw Charmann Anderson.
Happy Lovelace  Day to all my fellow tech savvy people.
Marian ^_^

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