Meet my cat family

Meet the Cat Family

D.O.B:  March 2007
Nickname:  The Queen Bee.
Mother’s Name: Sindey
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Person in the world: Me
Fear: Bees (She’s absolutely petrified of them)
Worst Habit: Climbing in my window.
Personality in 3 words: Stubborn, Manipulative, Self-centred.
D.O.B:  June 2009
Nickname: Moaning Myrtle
Mother’s Name: Daisy
Favourite Food: Ham
Favourite Person in the World: My sister
Fear: My Dad.
Worst Habit: Falling over and breaking things.
Personality in 3 words: Flimsy, Scattered, (Think-Luna-Lovegood)
D.O.B: September 2008.
Nickname: Ossie
Mother’s Name: Daisy
Favourite Food: Cat Treat
Favourite Person in the world: Daisy
Fear: Me.
Worst Habit: Glaring at people.
Personality in 3 words: Bashful, Timid, Gentle.
D.O.B: July 2012
Nickname: Otto
Mother’s Name: Mona
Favourite Food: Cat treat.
Favourite Person in the World: Everyone.
Fear: Bikes
Worst Habit: Following People.
Personality in 3 words: Lovable, Affectionate, Playful.
D.O.B: September 2008
Nickname: Podge
Mother’s Name: Daisy
Favourite Food: Meat
Favourite Person: Nobody
Fear: Dad
Worst Habit:  Likes to start fights
Personality in 3 words: Loner, Barbarian, Paranoid.
So, that’s all of them in my cat family.
We only have 5 😉
As you can see from the amount of photos I have of Daisy that she is my  beautiful cat. She gets me like no one else. We share a bond. She is the Sheldon to my Amy. We only have to look at each other and we can understand what each other is thinking.
You may think that I am like that crazy cat woman from The Simpsons but I swear to you I’m not. Really!! My friends however do not believe me. They (much to their amusement) got me a guide to cats for my birthday. Haw Haw. Very Funny. …… It does have some good tips though?
Are you a cat/dog person?
(If you pick cat you may be my next best friend)
Marian ^_^

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