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Life Happens

I often joke about having no life and that I spend way too much time doing grannyish things, like baking and knitting. I have no shame in saying that my typical weekend is full of reading wondrous books, knitting wooly hats, baking marvellous cakes and taking inept photos of cats. I would much prefer to nestle up under a blanket…

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When the muggles get you down.

So lately I’ve been kind of stressed. I mean I’m always stressed or worried about something but more so at the moment. And it’s not like there is anything huge happening in my life. Even last year when I was doing the Leaving Cert, I didn’t get overly distressed. I did have one or two minor breakdowns but isn’t that…

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Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block happens to everyone. You are no less creative or more unimaginative than the next bestselling author. It’s a case of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Now, I am no writer but I think blogger falls close enough. You may have noticed (or not) that things have been quiet on…

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2015 Reading Pile

To Be Read List: 1. ~ Wicked } because I just LOVE the musical.2. ~  Poison Garden } birthday gift, looks interesting.3. ~ Gone Girl } major movie. Not sure….?4. ~ The Knife of Never Letting Go } Cannot wait5. ~ She is not Invisible } Again cannot wait6. ~ Catch 22 } read a very good review a few…

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Intrepid :: Book Review

I must first thank the author J.D. Brewer for sending me this. I am so grateful for the opportunity to read and review it. This was in fact my first ebook, and although at first it was strange and annoying to have to turn on my laptop to read, soon I found myself edging to open my mac; I was…

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Books to be read


If there’s one thing us bloggers seem to have in common (aside from blogging, of course) is our love of reading. There are probably millions of fellow bloggers out there whose sole topic for their blogs are books. Not just even bloggers. Ordinary people who do not feel the need to share their bookish passion also take pleasure in these…

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