The Vibes I’m Bringing Into February

Is it over? Has January finally passed? I swear, every year, January just gets longer and longer. If you told me it was now 2025 I think I would believe you. Grey hair and wrinkles are in plenty even at 23 years young, I assure you. Even with all our good intentions and resolutions it’s hard to escape just how gloomy January actually is. I am so ready for a grand stretch in the evening. Let me see daylight again, I beg you. 

People are all about those positive energies and good vibes these days. It’s great to have that kind of outlook on life but rose tinted glasses can also hinder your view. Seeing only the good can make you ignorant to the real world. Let’s face it, the world is chaotic. Australia is burning, the UK has left the EU, Trump might not be impeached, the coronavirus spreading from China has people in hysterics, and Ireland might actually have a left wing government for the first time in history.

A lot of people choose to live in their own bubbles and I get it. All this stuff can be overwhelming. I currently scroll through twitter and feel this anger growing within me from all the injustice in the world. I don’t want to ignore the current affairs but I would like to feel less stressed and less enraged. Even though I often roll my eyes at all that positivity rubbish, this February I am actively going to bring these good vibes with me.


Embrace Peace

postive vibes in february

Keep on Learning

postive vibes in february

Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness if you have to

postive vibes in february

Don’t punish yourself for being you

postive vibes in february

What vibes are you bringing into February?

Always, M

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