How To Make Your Perfect Bucket List

What is a Bucket List?

To me, a bucket list is something everyone should have. It is either a physical or virtual list of things a person wants to do before they die. Or according to google:

Bucket List Ideas

Bucket List Ideas

I wrote my first Bucket List when I was about 15. Perhaps I was a bit young to be thinking about death. Or perhaps it was about time I started thinking  about things I wanted to do in life. It was after I watched that brilliant movie “The Bucket List” starring Morgan Freeman that I went mad with ideas, putting things down like “wear a different colour on each nail for a day” and “become a famous singer”. They were far off fantasies that weren’t really things I wanted. I mean, I can’t even sing.

At 18, I revised my list and added it as a page in my blog [picture on the right, not sure if it’s very readable]. It was much more me, containing things like see the Elephants in Africa and get a tattoo. Except a lot of these things aren’t really that important to me. If I were to wake up dead tomorrow (or be reincarnated as a butterfly) would I regret not doing these things? Am I desperate to achieve all these things?

So here I am, at 20, making another bucket list. This time with utmost dedication and concentration.  Wish me luck!

 Why Should You Have A Bucket List?

The main reason you should have a bucket list is because you want to. If you have no interest in trying new things, then what’s the point? I think it’s important for some people to make a bucket list as it gives more purpose to your life. You have goals that can motivate and inspire you to achieve. Bucket lists help the imagination and can spark curiosity. You’d be surprised what you learn and maybe what new talents you find. It’s also important to actually do things on your bucket list. Don’t just leave these dreams on paper, make them happen.

How To Write A Bucket List

Bucket List IdeasIf you’re stuck, the best way to kickstart the process is using Pinterest or WeHeartIt. There are so many ideas on those sites. Make a board and use that as your bucket list. But don’t limit yourself to just pinterest. You can think of anything! Choose things that YOU want to do.

Remember, it’s not a wish list. It’s a list of dreams that you intend to do. These are things you will set out to do and most definitely want to  do. Anyone can write down “See the Eiffel Tower”. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be on your bucket list but if it is then be sure that it’s not just filling up space.

The best way to start the actual list is with pen and paper. Write them all down. One per line. It’s  your first draft. Then when you have them finalised you can write them on a big A3 paper and nicely decorate it. Perhaps hang it on the wall in a frame, that way you’re less likely to forget about it.

And remember: Do Your Bucket List!

A few things from my Bucket List:

Learn to drive
Get a Facial Piercing
Get a Tattoo
Visit the Harry Potter Studios(London)
– Travel to every country in the world
– Write a Book
– Become a Vegetarian
– Take part in a protest/march for something I believe in
– Get a PhD

Even though I am starting a new bucket list, I’m keeping things I’ve already crossed off. These are important accomplishments to me. At 17 I got a nose piercing. At 19 I passed my driving test. At 20 I got my first tattoo ( that was only a couple of weeks ago, it hurt …. a lot). So I’m not finished my bucket list but I am certainly getting through it!

What is on your Bucket List?

Always, M 


  • Steph Spying March 21, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    I love this! Going back and updating your bucket list as you 'update' in life is a lovely thing to do!

    You've already scratched tings off your list which is incredible.

    Do you want to know a secret? I have a whole post in the 'pages' section of my blog called '30 things I want to do before I die' and so far, I've crossed off two!

    Bucket lists's are so much fun to think up! Keep adding to your list!


  • Sarah F March 22, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    I love this! I've been wanting to make a bucket list but haven't found time to do it. I want to sit down and actually write it out now. 🙂 It's a good thing to have- good motivation to go out and do the things you really want to do. Like you said, some people just write things and don't intend to ever do them…the whole point is to be able to have most everything crossed off before you die, not to just write things that you know you'll never do. I love your list, it's achievable and there are a lot of great ideas on there! 🙂

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, I'd love to follow each other on GFC. I'm following you now, please let me know when you get a chance to follow me back! Thanks!! <3

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  • Marian March 27, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks Steph! I guess it is XD

    I feel quite accomplished when I draw a line through them.

    Really? That's so cool! I'd love to hear what you have on it?

    Will do! Thanks Steph x

  • Marian March 27, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Thanks Sarah! You should definitely write your own bucket list! And one that you really wanna do!

    Thanks for following my blog Sarah! I don't really do follow for follows. I'd prefer to have a genuinely interested readership. But I appreciate the follow! And as I do like your blog I am also following you now. ^_^

  • Cília CC April 1, 2017 at 11:04 am

    awww I love to doing this kind of lists, I also do this lists for the year, or when I do a trip, things I have to do there… And I feel good when I accomplish one! I have one on a page at my blog, but it's more a wishlist because I have written some clothes that I want hahahahah

    I want to share some things I have on my list: do an Intrarail, visit someone on other country, watch "Charlie and the chocolate factory" while eating the candies that appear on the movie…
    And I want to tell you some things I accomplished ^^: visit Berlin (but it's again on the list because I have to return there to do the things I couldn't done!), throw a message in a bottle and get answer, swim in a beach with transparent water

  • Marian April 11, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Lists are great for everything! I used to write one for every day, just because I like being super organised. And getting to use pretty notebooks and cross things off, like you said, makes me feel good!

    Oooh, those are some great ideas! An intrarail sounds like such a great experience. I'd say it's expensive though. XD and I love your idea to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory whilst eating the sweets – that's genius!!
    You put a message in a bottle and got a REPLY?? No way, I need to know more!!
    And what's transparent water, isn't all water transparent?? ^_^

  • Cília CC April 15, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    hahahah me too! I always have to write "to do lists" for everything!
    I know Intrarail is expensive, that's why I'm earning money TT

    I throw the bottle in a beach, but the sea bringed again to the coast, so a woman that was there took it, but affortunately, she throw it again to the sea! I don't know where will be the bottle now… and it's curious, because I don't live at the beach (I live in a village on the mountains, I was there for hollidays) and that woman also doesn't live there, and she has been to my village and know people from there hahahah

    well, now that I read again, "transparent water" sounds very silly hahahah I wanted to mean "clear water" it's more correct? The sea at north Catalonia the water is darker and colder than in the south or in Balear islands, that is clearer and warm, also in the north the sand in the beaches is more like rocks and in the south the sand is smaller. In my childhood I used to go at the north, that why I never been in the beach of my dreams hahahahah

    and for last (sorry for this long comment!) answering to the comment of my blog: I've been to Anna Frank's house! I had read the book a lot of times and I was so curious to see that place! unfortunately, it wasn't allowed to take pictures there, but I will talk about it anyways ^^ I also watched to movie of "The fault in our stars", I will post a thing about it too, I will notice you! ^^

  • Marian April 24, 2017 at 8:26 am

    Thank you Aastha ^_^

  • Marian April 24, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Wow what a coincidence Cilia! I don't live near the beach either but next time I'm by the sea I think I'll throw a bottle in. ( I hope that's not considered littering or an environmental hazard )

    That kind of clear sea looks so luxurious and romantic. A great place for holidays I'm sure!

    I am so jealous – I would LOVE to see Anne Frank's House! I didn't know you couldn't take pictures, that's a shame :/


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