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I must first thank the author J.D. Brewer for sending me this. I am so grateful for the opportunity to read and review it. This was in fact my first ebook, and although at first it was strange and annoying to have to turn on my laptop to read, soon I found myself edging to open my mac; I was hooked.

Texi Nicholson is a small town girl living a small town life—that is, until the Multiverse intervenes. Suddenly, Texi learns she is not only capable of travelling between universes, but she has the ability to create or destroy them as well. Can she trust her childhood neighbour, Iago, to help her navigate the stars or will his own agenda prevent her from realizing her potential?

 Liam Martinez grows up believing he understands who he is and what he will become, but he soon discovers his plans do not coincide with those who raised him. When he is given the task of helping Texi learn how to travel the Multiverse, he will truly learn what it means to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants. Can he remain objective when it means the fate of the Multiverse depends on his judgement?

 Intrepid is a story of untapped potential, Multiversal imagination, and worlds colliding. Its blend of action, heartbreak, adventure, science fiction, and philosophy will make you question what you think you believe

My Thoughts…

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. Was intrepid a romantic tale of star-crossed lovers? Or an adventure with guns and war? Was I going to need tissues for crying my eyes out or for laughing until I had a pain in my stomach? And now that I have finished the book, I still can’t exactly pinpoint its genre. It is original with a bit of everything you want to make it an epic read. 

This tale is told by both Texi and Liam as they encounter what will change their lives forever. With a familiar start to the novel, set in Texas, soon this book evolves into a perplexing world that was beyond my wildest imaginations. Texi appears to be just your normal average teenager. Nothing special. Until suddenly, that all changes. Left questioning her friends, family and even her own self -who could she really trust?


Intepid is full of twists and turns. As this intriguing tale unravelled, filling me with more and more information whilst building the alienish world in my mind, I was drawn in with concern for the characters and thirst for more answers. As soon as I uncovered explanations and grew to like and trust certain characters, it’s as if the story decided to flip and totally crush my new found knowledge and hope with it. There was a constant sway between confusion and understanding.  It had me questioning everything and everyone.

Intrepid is a truly original story and a captivating masterpiece of imagination.

Although that ending has left me with so much anxiety and suspense. I need answers. I need the next book. And I need it now!

The Characters…
Texi – She is a character I could see myself in. In no way perfect, but averagely flawed, I loved Texi and her strong mind.  Her way of thinking I could agree with and as she faced a startling different journey I joined her with care, concern and heartache.

Liam – At start I just couldn’t make him out. Who was he really? And although I did get to see his POV,  it wasn’t until the end that I think I truly began to recognise Liam. He irritated me a lot but was just beginning to grown on me when it ended.


“It is funny how insurmountable mountains are when you look up at them from the bottom because you eventually discover that once you reach the top, the next mountain dwarfs the one you just conquered.”

“I wanted to eat the song up. I wanted to mash up every note and turn them int marble so I could examine every colourful crack in their foundation.”

“…every end is really the beginning of something different.”

“I wanted to do everything with an edge of brilliance. I wanted to drink in every adventure and live out every possibility.”

Happy Reading!
Marian  ^_^


  • Neal Kind January 10, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Nice review 😀
    1st e-book? I usually read e-books..mostly because they're easily available on the internet and can be read easily while travelling to and from that is the time I get most of my reading done..though I don't use my laptop for it..I use my mobile which makes it more accessible 😀

  • Dian THC January 11, 2015 at 4:38 am

    Wow, the story sounds really interesting, it's like a scifi + adventure genre. It sounds like the main character loved adventure a lot. Travelling between different universes – does that mean there are alien characters as well? Is the book a little like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy? 🙂

  • Marian January 11, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Thanks! 😀
    I probably should have thought have putting it on my iPod… *facepalms*
    But I definitely prefer physical books. There is just something about holding a book in your hand and feeling the pages that an ebook can't substitute. ^_^

  • Marian January 11, 2015 at 10:05 am

    It really is! Yeah, there's a whole lot of different genres so there is quite a lot of suspense.
    Not exactly aliens (I can't give too much away) just different. In the context of the book there is no aliens, that is just the way the world is. I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy ( I heard it is very good ^_^ ) so I can't say. 😀


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