Indiependence 2014

Last weekend, down in Cork, Deer Farm Mitchelstown was the host to the incredible Indiependence, a music and arts festival. Needless to say it was one of the highlights of this summer (so far).

The festival consisted of an Arena, where there were two big tents for the music acts, a hot press tent for interviews, a silent disco tent (uber cool), and a few bars and stands thrown in. We stayed in the field next to it with a hundred other Argos sleeping tents. And I can safely tell you now that camping is not at all fun.  The first night me and Alanna huddled together trying to keep warm while our drunken neighbours entertained us with some of the most ridiculous stories. The next two nights -well- we didn’t really sleep. Turns out night time is when the place gets most alive.
Of course the main part of the festival is the music acts. I got to see some of my favourite bands and discovered a few more at the same time.
My favourite ones were Dan Croll, Walking on Cars, Delorentos, Hudson Taylor, Lisa O’Neill, Hozier, Scroobius Pip and The Coronas.
Walking On Cars are now one of my favourite bands. They were brilliant! Just listen to these songs:

 Coronas Although I only got to see a little bit of Scroobius Pip, he still remains one of my favourite acts there. He even surfed the crowd on a couch he took from the stage!

The surprise act for Indie was only announced the day before it started. It turns out it was The Coronas! Not everyone was pleased by this as they had headlined Indie the year before but I had never had the chance to see them live so I had a massive grin on my face the whole time they played. They were also probably the only band that I could sing a long to. Knowing the lyrics really does make it more fun. My friends and I were practically at the very front, so I could see every detail of them. And it is so weird to see them up close. I mean, they look totally the same as they do on TV. Somehow I was expecting them to look different…. Anyhoo, they’re very funny and uber cool and their songs are just brilliant.
Despite sleeping in a tent on the ground, and those septic port-a-loos, Indiependece is totally worth running around in wellies for three days.

Cannot wait for next year!
Marian ^_^

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