Savings Jar I made

How To Make A Cute Savings Jar

As a consequence of my last major book-buying spree I have been left penniless and to avoid further brokeness I thought, “hey, why don’t I make a cute little piggy bank!”ย Of course I couldn’t find any hollow pigs around the house so instead I washed out a jam jar. And with a sprinkle of joy and a pinch of creativity (and a lot of glue), I made my savings jar.

ย craft idea to make a savings jar
Step 1: You can recycle any old jam jar and help the planet while doing so
Step 2: Find some old paper and tear it up into pieces. I used some old sheet music.
Step 3: Use PVA glue to stick the scraps of paper on like paper mรขchรฉ.
Step 4: Let dry and save all your money in your new cute savings jar!
how to make a savings jar
So hopefully now I will feel motivated to put my leftover change in the savings jar and save up some money.
I do have a lot of things to save for; Italy, skydiving, driving, college, other bucket list things, etc.
What do you think?
Marian ^_^

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