sligo is one of my favourite places

My Five Favourite Places in the World

 My Tree House

I know that to other people my tree house doesn’t look like much but to me it is the most magical place on Earth. At the side of my house we have a hedge row of palm trees and when I was five my dad cut one of the trees out, revealing this little space. At the time it was only about 2m squared. Overtime, we made a compost heap around the outside and planted a few trees. Now it has expanded into this secret little hideaway and the trees have grown to make and arch leading into it.


Leading from this, there is a tunnel (well more of a path way enclosed by trees). You see, when I was five I looked at this tree house and saw the coolest place on earth. And to this day it always looks so much better to me than to anyone else. In my imagination I saw a secret cabin house with an arched door way and towering trees overhead for a possible tyre swing.

A Casa Mia, Sligo, Ireland

This is my favourite cafe in the whole world. They have the most amazing food and hot chocolate. And I am totally in love with the long table. I love how everyone sits around the table despite no knowing each other. It is such a cool place. Even it’s location is so beautiful. Just outside, is the river and cobbled street ways. The ambiance is perfect.

Geneva, Switzerland.

Although I don’t really have any pictures to show you guys, I’ll try my best to describe the wonder in this beautiful city. I came here last October on a class trip. We stayed in the youth hostel – an even that place was amazing. I think we came at the perfect time because the weather was nice and cold and yet it wasn’t too cold. There was a nice crispness in the air. The streets are so clean and the architecture is amazing. Everyone is in suits. It is just a beautiful, serene place.

Leicister Square

Have you ever been to that square in London? Well, you should. Especially if it is really sunny out. Last year, my friends and I came here everyday whilst in London. We just sat there and looked around. Even though we didn’t do anything, it still became one of my favourite places. It is just so calm and nice to sit on the grass amidst the hustle and bustle. Not to mind the yummy smell coming from M & M World!

Shakespeare’s Bookstore, Paris, should be on everyone’s favourite places

It’s a bookshop in Paris. This hidden gem should be on everyone’s favourite places. What more can i say.

Marian ^_^


  • Emily July 22, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Your treehouse looks lovely … very Famous Five! 😀

  • Marian July 31, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    It is magical ^_^


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